Beautiful Dining Table And Chairs

Our minimalist Dining room chairs table production with good quality teak Jepara, 6 seat holders with positions as well as designs are trending at this year’s dining table, making this a lot in the search of some people to complement the rooms family meals. In addition, the dining table set that the typical color also has a different design with design at Umunya, so it will add to the beauty when you place in the dining room in your house.

Create a buyer who wants a craft table to pass these minimalist dining chairs we offer the cheapest price with the best quality. The materials are made of quality wood and carried out carefully so that the result is better.

Reserved color finishing can be adapted to the taste of the buyer, which, where you can tell the type of color, we should create to further beautify Desainya. Some natural color options, goofy, gloss, and combinations can all be done by finishing us and certainly subtler bright and shiny for the color of the wood.

Minimalist Dining Chairs Table model This is also very nice, we also equip it with upholstery foam padding for added comfort, if you enjoy a meal with the family lover, on the side of our colors also add Salak color quality.

The price of the dining table also includes very affordable minimalist, with teak raw material choice, which we will certainly offer a special piece of furniture to have in place and in Sandingkan teak furniture or minimalist furniture that already exists in your house. For the full specification, you can see below.

Minimalist Dining Chairs Table specifications
Beautiful Dining Table And Chairs-Teak Wood Material
-Minimalist model
-Position 6 Seat 1 a minimalist desk
-Spring Melamine Finishing Doff
For those of you who want to place a minimalist dining table curator 6 Chair in the room of your house, you could contact us so that we can further process it.

Another model version Europa
Luxury dining table has the look of a very wonderful, this dining table is typical of Jepara carving, which symbolizes that a nice addition to its dining table, and in complete with 4 chairs and light coat with padded seat in the semi definitive Bludru pads its very Tender when it is occupied, in addition, I use length measurement 300 nakas cm x 40 cm x 70 cm would be an addition to your room and in the Add mirror glass I make your dining room look like the 5 star hotel beyond, in complete with luxurious ornamental watch is Defi Finalised Suasasa at dinner will be very-very satisfying.

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