4 Don’ts Of Decorating Your Front Porch

A front porch is considered a handshake place, which should be decorated to give a warm welcome to every coming visitor or guest. Therefore, you need to decorate it with the same spirit, which you use while decorating the indoor. There are some key points, which you need to take care of while embellishing the front porch.

Every area of a house has its own value and usage and so has the front porch because it is considered a handshake zone, which welcomes every coming visitor before he or she enters into the main house. You can say that the area links the inside with that of the outdoor such as the lawn. Just as a good or amiable handshake determines the goodness of your behaviour or nature, a front porch gives the indication how a house would look like from inside.

To get an ideal design for your front entrance, you need to hire the services of a renowned construction company in Pakistan, which can provide you with an ideal designing work within your allocated budget. However, some of the people attempt to use DIY techniques to decorate the area and in doing so they make a few common mistakes, the detail of which is given below.

Decorating Your Front Porch

1. Don’t Place Discarded Furniture or Accessories Here

Most people consider the front porch as an extra area, which could be decorated in any way; perhaps they are those, who don’t realize the importance of this portion. As a result, they place discarded items and accessories here, which include outdated furniture, damaged rugs and various other accessories. This kind of arrangement is definitely going to cast a bad image of your house indoor and your interior designing taste too. Doing this will be just like wasting all your investment, which you have invested to decorate the interior. If you want to place old furniture, at least make sure you have repaired it and get it painted or polished in a proper way, so that it does not look anomalous.

2. Do Not over Stuff it

In this open-air area, you want to sit, walk around and your kids want to run and walk too; therefore, do not need to overstuff it as it may hinder an easy passage. Sometimes, to discard the old items, people use this porch more like a storeroom so they could place every outdated item here just to fill up space. As a result of which there is created a mess all around the area, giving an untidy impression of your house.

3. Do Not Ignore the Seasonal Aspect

Indoor of a house is usually decorated and updated it according to the changing weather and the same rule should be applied while decorating the porch because you need to use this area as a proper part of your house, this is where you can even make your guests sit to enjoy the outdoor fresh air in hot summers. In summers, use the curtains and upholstery that is lighter and brighter and even you need to have a wall or ceiling fan. Moreover, the curtains and every other thing should be according to the weather. If its winter, then up-to-date your fireplace so that it could be easier to sit outside in cold weather. Even you can place a rug on the floor and bamboo curtains all around to avoid direct exposure to cold.

4. Do not Place Accessories which Can Be Damaged with Outside Climatic Changes

Depending upon the type of your porch, you need to have furniture and accessories in it. For instance, if it does not have a proper overhead covering and it is somewhat directly exposed to sunlight and raining, then do not place accessories like sofas, or any other wooden furniture. The better option is to use bamboo furniture with chairs and centre table or you can have iron road furniture, so that it may not get damaged with water or sunlight.


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